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 Alleghany Stone LLC is a granite rock quarry in Glade Valley NC; we offer a wide variety of clean and crushed grey granite stone. We are an approved NCDOT supplier and meet all of the requirements of the State of North Carolina. ~Our ultimate goal is customer satisfaction and quality products~ 

Got a Job that needs to be done but don't know where to turn? Let us help you!


Alleghany stone llc has a trusted list of drivers who deliver our product. Whether it be a gravel driveway needing to be made or fixed, a septic drain needing gravel or any other kind of gravel needs, we are here for you! You may call and have a delivery arranged or simply email us with your needs and we will get in touch with you.

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Larger Jobs


Please contact us if you have a larger job needing to be done so we can provide you a quote list. 

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